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Rotary Floor Machines

Our complete range of commercial rotary floor cleaning machines, here you will find rotary and orbital floor machines for stripping, burnishing and buffing of hard floors.

ORBOT Vibe Carpet & Hard Floor Machine

Cat code:ORB.VIB.1100C

 (£3114.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT Vibe Hard Floor Bundle

Cat code:OVHFB19/10

 (£3492.00 Inc VAT)
Orbot SprayBorg Hard Floor Cleaning Bundle

Cat code:HOSOSB17-HFB

 (£4320.00 Inc VAT)
Orbot SprayBorg Floor Cleaning Machine

Cat code:ORB.SPR.1100C

 (£3900.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT LiFe Battery Floor Machine

Cat code:ORB.LIF.1100C

 (£5700.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT SLiM Carpet Cleaners Bundle

Cat code:OSB19/10

 (£2580.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT SLiM Floor Cleaner

Cat code:ORB.SLIM.1100C

 (£2394.00 Inc VAT)
Truvox Orbis Eco 200 Rotary Floor Machine

Cat code:OB45200/ECO

 (£946.08 Inc VAT)

RRP £985.50 +VAT

Truvox Orbis Eco 400 Rotary Floor Machine

Cat code:OB45400/ECO

 (£946.08 Inc VAT)

RRP £985.50 +VAT

Truvox Orbis Eco Duo Rotary Floor Machine

Cat code:OBLP452/400/ECO

 (£1094.40 Inc VAT)

RRP £1140.00 +VAT

Truvox Multiwash Pro 240 Floor Cleaning Machine

Cat code:MWPRO240

 (£2100.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £2500.00 +VAT

Truvox Multiwash Pro 340 Floor Cleaning Machine

Cat code:MWPRO340

 (£2742.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £3300.00 +VAT

Truvox Multiwash Pro 440 Floor Cleaning Machine

Cat code:MWPRO440

 (£3246.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £4400.00 +VAT

Truvox TruSweep 460 Sweeper

Cat code:TRUS460

 (£878.40 Inc VAT)
Pioneer Eclipse 225BU 20" Electric Floor Burnisher

Cat code:225BU20VE

 (£2100.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £2187.50 +VAT

Cimex CR48 19" Scrubber Polisher

Cat code:CR48

 (£5619.00 Inc VAT)
Cimex 15" Scrubber Polisher

Cat code:CR38

 (£4050.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £3595.00 +VAT

iVo RovaWash

Options Available

 (£1374.00 Inc VAT)
iVo RovaWash Lithium 250

Cat code:IRW250B

 (£2388.00 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber SHOCK (Complete Kit)


 (£1434.00 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber FORCE Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:MSFORCE

 (£1294.80 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber M3 KIT

Options Available

 (£706.80 Inc VAT)
TVX T15B Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer (Battery)

Cat code:T15B

 (£3198.00 Inc VAT)
TVX T35B Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer (Battery)

Cat code:T35B

 (£3501.60 Inc VAT)
TVX T45B Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer (Battery)

Cat code:T45B

 (£4260.00 Inc VAT)
TVX T55BT Walk-behind Floor Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:T55BT

 (£5872.80 Inc VAT)
TVX T90-55R 21" Ride On Floor Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:T90-55R

 (£7378.80 Inc VAT)
TVX T90-70R 26” 90 Litre Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:T90/70R

 (£8494.80 Inc VAT)
TVX T150 85R 34” 150 Litre Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:T150/85R

 (£17194.80 Inc VAT)
TVX T150 100R 38” 150 Litre Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:T150/100R

 (£17710.80 Inc VAT)
Pioneer Eclipse 300BU Battery Burnisher

Cat code:300BU20TCGE

 (£12884.40 Inc VAT)
420GPHD 21" Floor Grinder, Polisher & Burnisher

Cat code:420GPHD

 (£12836.40 Inc VAT)
Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 21" Propane Burnisher

Cat code:420BU21BCV

 (£7934.40 Inc VAT)
40" Hammer Head Propane Burnisher

Cat code:420BU40BCV

 (£12397.20 Inc VAT)
PE450GP Propane Floor Grinder and Polisher

Cat code:450GP34E

 (£20437.20 Inc VAT)
Pioneer Eclipse 440ST Propane Stripping Machine

Cat code:440ST30ZE

 (£10672.80 Inc VAT)
Powr-Flite Predator 14 Floor Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:PAS14G

 (£3828.00 Inc VAT)

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