Pioneer Eclipse UK

Amtech UK is the official United Kingdom distributor of floor machines and chemicals for Pioneer Eclipse.

Pioneer Eclipse was founded in 1978 with the introduction of propane burnisher technology and floor finishes to the janitorial industry.

Pioneer Eclipse now have a presence in over 40 countries and have a manufacturing capacity of 30 million gallons per year of chemicals, making them well positioned to meet any customer needs.

Pioneer Eclipse 225BU 20" Electric Floor Burnisher

Cat code: 225BU20VE

£1797.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 300BU Battery Burnisher

Cat code: 300BU20TCGE

£9494.00 +VAT
420GPHD 21" Floor Grinder, Polisher & Burnisher

Cat code: 420GPHD

£8763.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 21" Propane Burnisher

Cat code: 420BU21BCV

£3895.00 +VAT
40" Hammer Head Propane Burnisher

Cat code: 420BU40BCV

£5845.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 440BU Propane Floor Burnisher

Cat code: 440BU21E

£4385.00 +VAT
PE450GP Propane Floor Grinder and Polisher

Cat code: 450GP34E

£17031.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 440ST Propane Stripping Machine

Cat code: PE440ST

£5975.00 +VAT
Omniguard UHS Floor Polish

Cat code: 141L5

£26.50 +VAT
Sta-Brite 20 Floor Polish

Cat code: 130MP

£17.30 +VAT
FloorMatte Non Glare Polish

Cat code: 114L5

£23.50 +VAT
Wood Prime Floor Sealer

Cat code: 701MP

£31.25 +VAT
Eclipse Hard Floor Sealer

Cat code: 403L5

£28.42 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse LockOut Hard Floor Protector

Cat code: 423FSE

£175.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse PrimeStar Base Coat

Cat code: 409L5

£28.42 +VAT
Rebound Floor Cleaner / Enhancer (Super Concentrate)

Cat code: 211L5

£28.75 +VAT
Envirostar Ultra All Purpose Cleaner - Super Concentrate

Cat code:339DD


RRP: £35.90 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse Heavy Duty Degreaser

Cat code: 396L5

£16.82 +VAT
Eclipse Neutral All Purpose Floor Cleaner

Cat code: 301L5

£10.80 +VAT
Formula X Gel Stripper

Cat code: 503A12

£5.25 +VAT
Eclipse Low Odour Stripper

Cat code:510MP

Pioneer Eclipse Formula X UHP Stripper

Cat code: 503L5

£21.60 +VAT
Envirostar Green All Purpose Neutralizer

Cat code: 338L5

£14.75 +VAT
WoodStar Wood Floor Polish Satin

Cat code: 702SMP

£57.15 +VAT
WoodStar Wood Floor Polish Gloss

Cat code: 702HGMP

£54.58 +VAT
Glass Cleaner Ready-To-Use

Cat code: 352RT6

£0.85 +VAT

RRP : £3.15 +VAT

Stainless Steel Cleaner / Polish

Cat code: 319A12

£8.26 +VAT

RRP : £9.18 +VAT

Eclipse Washroom Cleaner

Cat code: 353L5

£5.95 +VAT

RRP : £13.17 +VAT

15" Red Light Cleaning Floor Pad

Cat code:PDLC03015


RRP: £4.50 +VAT

17" Dominator Super Strip Floor Pad

Cat code:PDSS09017

17" Blue Blend Burnishing Pad

Cat code: E-30-17

£5.79 +VAT

RRP : £6.43 +VAT

17" White Lightning Floor Pad

Cat code: PD3LWL17

£5.54 +VAT

RRP : £6.15 +VAT

20" Blue Blend Burnishing Pad

Cat code: PDBB06020

£7.53 +VAT

RRP : £8.37 +VAT

20" White Lightning Burnishing Pad

Cat code: PD3LWL20

£7.18 +VAT

RRP : £7.98 +VAT

21" Blue Blend Burnishing Pad

Cat code: PDBB06021

£8.60 +VAT

RRP : £9.56 +VAT

21" White Lightning Burnishing Pad

Cat code: PD3LWL21

£8.03 +VAT

RRP : £8.93 +VAT

17" Wood Floor Sanding Screen 100 Grit

Cat code: SCR10017

£9.35 +VAT
T - Bar Applicator 18"

Cat code:MA005300

18" T - Bar Refill Cover

Cat code: MA005400

£15.39 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse HardCore™ Densifying Treatment

Cat code:422FSE

Pioneer Eclipse CLS Hard Floor Cleaner & Maintainer

Cat code: 344MP

£14.76 +VAT

RRP : £18.45 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse Penetrating Floor Sealer

Cat code: 426MP

£72.75 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment

Cat code: 427MPE

£46.75 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse Atlas Alcohol Resistant Floor Coating

Cat code: 115MPE

£25.00 +VAT