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Amtech UK for high performance professional hard floor propane, battery burnishers and diamond grinders for polishing concrete floors. These floor burnishing machines produce high quality results and maintain high productivity at the same time.

Ultra high speed, electrical, battery and propane powered burnishing machines from well known manufactures such as Powr-Flite and Pioneer Eclipse

Oszilla 30/50 Multi-functional Floor Machine

Cat code: 9.800.071

£1495.00 +VAT

RRP : £1993.34 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse 225BU 20" Electric Floor Burnisher

Cat code: 225BU20VE

£1797.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 300BU Battery Burnisher

Cat code: 300BU20TCGE

£9494.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 21" Propane Burnisher

Cat code: 420BU21BCV

£3895.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 440BU Propane Floor Burnisher

Cat code: 440BU21E

£4385.00 +VAT
420GPHD 21" Floor Grinder, Polisher & Burnisher

Cat code: 420GPHD

£8763.00 +VAT
40" Hammer Head Propane Burnisher

Cat code: 420BU40BCV

£5845.00 +VAT