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Buy from our complete range of commercial vacuum cleaners, including upright, backpack, wet and dry, and wide area vacuum cleaners.

Sebo BS 360 Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:91080GB

 (£450.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £440.00 +VAT

Truvox Valet Cordless Battery Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VBUII

 (£772.32 Inc VAT)

RRP £804.50 +VAT

iVo RovaVac Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:IRV1

 (£646.80 Inc VAT)
SEBO DART 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:9858GB

 (£252.00 Inc VAT)
SEBO DART 3 - UHS Polisher

Cat code:9875GB

 (£408.00 Inc VAT)
SEBO DART UHS Polisher Head

Cat code:9434GB

 (£173.40 Inc VAT)

RRP £170.00 +VAT

Sebo Duo Cleaning Machine

Cat code:3000G

 (£330.00 Inc VAT)
Truvox VTVe Compact Tub Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VTVe

 (£149.28 Inc VAT)

RRP £155.50 +VAT

Truvox Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VBPIIe/B

 (£1206.72 Inc VAT)

RRP £1257.00 +VAT

Truvox BackPack Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VBPIIe

 (£260.40 Inc VAT)

RRP £310.50 +VAT

Truvox TruSweep 460 Sweeper

Cat code:TRUS460

 (£540.00 Inc VAT)
Valet Wide Area Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VWAV

 (£3212.64 Inc VAT)

RRP £3346.50 +VAT

Valet Aqua 20 Heavy Duty Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA20HD

 (£286.08 Inc VAT)

RRP £298.00 +VAT

Valet Aqua 55 Litre Heavy Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA55HD

 (£726.72 Inc VAT)

RRP £757.00 +VAT

Valet Aqua 75 Industrial Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA75IND

 (£1046.88 Inc VAT)

RRP £1090.50 +VAT

Cimex Escalator Cleaner

Cat code:X46

 (£2994.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £2890.00 +VAT

SC2000 Commercial Steam & Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:SC2000DT

 (£1884.60 Inc VAT)

RRP £1745.00 +VAT

Backpack Vacuum Bags

Cat code:U2-U11-078

 (£15.71 Inc VAT)
SEBO BS36 / BS46 Vacuum Paper Bags

Cat code:1055

 (£12.60 Inc VAT)
Truvox Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Cat code:U2-U11-077

 (£12.60 Inc VAT)
Truvox VTVe Compact Tub Vacuum Bags

Cat code:05-4739-0000

 (£24.77 Inc VAT)

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