Carpet Cleaning Wands

Let Amtech UK be your source for all your carpet extractor accessory needs. No carpet extractor is complete without the right tools and accessories. Start with our top carpet wand the Wonder Wand®! It cleans better and dries faster with our patented air induction system, roller system, filter and heavy-duty 1000 p.s.i. system. We also carry a broad range of single, double jet carpet wands with p.s.i. options that start at 125 to 1000.

Amtech UK's Triple and Twin Jet Wonder Wands out-performs any other wand. You simply wont find another wand that is this easy to use with cleaning performance that tops the list.

CFR Wonder Wand Twin Jet

Cat code: 77000

£795.00 +VAT
Truvox Twin Jet Carpet Cleaning Wand

Cat code: 20-0178-0000

£138.32 +VAT

RRP : £461.07 +VAT

Truvox Hydromist Compact Wand

Cat code: 05-3679-0000

£147.33 +VAT

RRP : £189.68 +VAT