We have a great selection of special offers from our range of carpet and hard floor cleaning equipment and chemicals.

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17" Gorilla Natural Blend Floor Pad

Cat code:37-17/ETC


RRP: £3.17 +VAT

20" Gorilla Natural Blend Floor Pad

Cat code:37-20/ETC


RRP: £4.19 +VAT

21" Gorilla Natural Blend Floor Pad

Cat code:37-21/ETC


RRP: £4.71 +VAT

Turf Ruff Hand Pads - 4" x 10"

Cat code:TURF-4x10


RRP: £28.97 +VAT

17" Blue Deep Scrub Floor Pad

Cat code:53-17/ETC


RRP: £3.17 +VAT

17" Powr-Sorb Carpet Bonnet

Cat code:202-17/ETC


RRP: £17.57 +VAT

17" Black Strip Floor Pad

Cat code:72A-17/ETC


RRP: £3.17 +VAT

Environ HP Encapsulation Carpet Spotter



RRP: £32.42 +VAT

16 oz Barracuda Rayon Cut End Mop

Cat code:M8116/ETC


RRP: £3.29 +VAT

Brush Nylon Bristle

Cat code:B861


RRP: £1.99 +VAT

FloorMatte Non Glare Polish

Cat code:114L5


RRP: £23.50 +VAT

Sta-Brite 20 Floor Polish

Cat code:130MP


RRP: £17.30 +VAT

CFR Enz-Soil One

Cat code:3BK005


RRP: £49.85 +VAT

CFR Enz Out

Cat code:3AD003


RRP: £34.52 +VAT

CFR Defoam

Cat code:3AE003


RRP: £24.62 +VAT

CFR Deo Reo 30 Fresh Air Carpet Deodoriser

Cat code:3AR003


RRP: £19.93 +VAT

CFR Deo Reo 40 Tropical Mango Carpet Deodoriser

Cat code:3AS003


RRP: £19.93 +VAT

CFR Excell Carpet Detergent

Cat code:3BL003


RRP: £22.27 +VAT

Envirostar Ultra All Purpose Cleaner - Super Concentrate

Cat code:339DD


RRP: £35.90 +VAT