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Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment (4 Litres)

Catalogue code:427MPE

Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment is biodegradable floor treatment, not a coating, formulated to make hard tile and concrete floors less slippery especially when wet.


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Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment is a mop on, rinse off solution that treats the surface of ceramic and porcelain tile, quarry, terrazzo, concrete, shower enclosures, natural stone and fibreglass surfaces to enhance traction and prevent slippery conditions particularly when wet.

Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Tile Treatment works at the micro-pore level to enhance the natural surface characteristics of these materials to increase traction and improve safety.

The treatment works to increase the slip coefficient (slip resistance) of the surface to which it is applied. The minimum required standard is .5 or better. Anti-Slip Tile Treatment positively increases the slip coefficient to levels of .6 or better.

Anti-Slip Tile Treatment is not suitable for use on vinyl, linoleum, wood, metal, coated, waxed or sealed surfaces. Care should be taken to protect carpets, moulding and other adjacent materials.

Coverage approximately 4 to 7 m² per litre.

Easy To Apply:

Clean floor.
Apply Anti-Slip Treatment.
Allow 5 to 8 minutes of dwell time and then rinse off.

Anti-Slip Treatment is ideal for use in;

Health Care
Health Clubs/ Pool/ Spa
Commercial, Residential & Office Buildings


Easy to apply
Mop on, rinse off
Not a coating so nothing to wear off
Creates tread-like sure footing
Environmentally safe, non-toxic and odourless
Will not alter appearance of tile or grout


Clean the area to be treated with Eclipse heavy duty degreaser.
Allow the surface to thoroughly dry.
Treatment should be used directly from the bottle without dilution.
Pour and spread using a clean mop or brush. Apply enough Anti-Slip Tile Treatment to thoroughly wet the entire surface.
Allow Anti-Slip Treatment to dwell for 5 to 8 minutes (or longer for harder surfaces).
Do not allow Treatment to dry!
After 5 to 8 minutes and before the treatment dries on the surface, thoroughly rinse the floor with clean fresh water.

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Description: Anti-Slip / surface modifier Ready to use.
Appearance: Clear colourless
Viscosity (Brookfield) @ 68°F (20°C): <10 centipoise="" td="">
Flash Point (Brookfield) ASTM D56-05 (2010): >200°F (93°C)
Coverage Rate*: 50 to 250 ft²/gal, 4 to 7 m²/litre
Dry Time: 10 - 15 minutes.
VOC 40 CFR Part 59 Subpart C: 0.02%
Fragrance: Mild odour.
Shelf Life ASTM D1791-93 (2008): 2 years
Density ASTM D1475-98 (2008): 8.5 lb/gal @ 68°F, 1.03 kg/L @ 20°C
Freeze/Thaw ASTM D3209-93 (2008) Passes 3 cycles.



Why do surfaces become slippery when liquid is present?

Natural materials such as ceramic, granite, terrazzo, slate, porcelain tile, concrete and bathtubs have natural voids in them. The larger the void, the more the surface of that material is slip resistant. This void creates a tread for you to walk on. Ceramic or glazed tiles, as well as porcelain, are coated to create a shiny finished look to a floor. These coatings fill in the natural void up to 70%. When the surface is wet, the water fills in the remaining 30% of the void and that is why a floor becomes slippery, not allowing any space between the water and the bottom of your foot thereby creating a hydroplane effect.

What is Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment?

Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment is a mop-on/rinse-off solution that microscopically treads the surface of ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, concrete and other natural stone surfaces to mitigate slippery conditions on wet floors. It increases the coefficient of the surface when wet.

How is Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment applied?

You will simply need a clean cotton mop and a bucket. Pour the treatment into the bucket and liberally mop on a small test area. With firm foot pressure, test the surface resistance.
The resistance should be dramatic within 3-5 minutes (4-8 minutes for porcelain or fibre glass). Thoroughly rinse solution off the tile with clean water. Treat the remaining area in sections that can be mopped and rinsed clean of the solution in the same time frame as the test area.
For a bathtub, you will need a nylon bristle brush. Close the drain and pour in approximately 180ml of treatment. With the brush, pull the treatment to the upper end of the bathtub as the slope will cause the treatment to pool at the lower end. Keep the bottom of the bathtub covered with treatment for 4-8 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the solution out of the tub with clean water.

Is Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment solution dangerous?

No. The treatment solution is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It is actually much less offensive than ordinary household bleach. As with all chemicals, Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment should be handled with care and kept out of the reach of children.

How often should Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment be applied?

We recommend treatment be applied once a year for commercial locations and once every two to three years for residential locations. Housekeeping maintenance is important. A dirty, wet surface will not afford maximum slip resistance and accident protection.

Will Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment damage tile or grout?

No. Extensive research and testing of the product was conducted to eliminate any harmful effects to tile and grout prior to its launch.

Will flooring be more difficult to clean and maintain?

No. There is no treatment solution left on the treated tile surface. It is rinsed clean. There is no coating to peel or collect dirt. Normal housekeeping maintenance is required.

How much will a bottle of Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment cover?

Approximately 4 to 7 square metres per litre.

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