Specialist Products

It’s not just carpets and hard floors that need cleaning. Here you will find our full range of specialist wall and ceiling cleaning products, chemicals and equipment.

MotorScrubber Storm Wand & Backpack


£499.00 +VAT
BarrierTech Surface Sanitiser

Cat code: 55121

£35.00 +VAT
BarrierTech Cordless ULV Fogger

Cat code: FOG1

£800.00 +VAT

RRP : £950.00 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment

Cat code: 427MPE

£46.75 +VAT
Ceiling & Wall Cleaner

Cat code: 9938

£47.00 +VAT
Dynax Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaner

Options Available

From: £15.85 +VAT
Orion Pump Up Sprayer 6 Litre

Cat code: ORION6L

£59.42 +VAT
Stainless Steel Cleaner / Polish

Cat code: 319A12

£8.26 +VAT

RRP : £9.18 +VAT

iVo Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit

Cat code: IPBC

£147.00 +VAT
iVo Power Brush XL Kit

Cat code: IPBXL

£279.00 +VAT
Motorscrubber M-Wipes Kit

Cat code: MSS31

£88.90 +VAT