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ORBOT Accessories

Amtech UK is your source for ORBOT machine and floor care accessories, including ORBOT pads, brushes and vacuum bags.

Orbot UltraLift Melamine Pads 17" (Box of 5)

Cat code: HOSMP17U

£125.00 +VAT
Orbot Weight Set Kit

Cat code: HOSO40WK

£350.00 +VAT
Orbot Tile & Grout Brush

Cat code: HOSOTGB

£283.00 +VAT
Orbot Concrete Brush

Cat code: HOSOCB17

£295.00 +VAT
Orbot Splash Guard

Cat code: HOSSG17

£110.00 +VAT
ORBOT 21" SuperZorb Cotton Combo Bonnets

Cat code: HOSSZP21

£200.00 +VAT
ORBOT 19" AgiClean Carpet Encapsulation Pads (Box of 5)

Cat code:HOSACP19

ORBOT 17" Carpet Agitation Brush

Cat code: HOS-CPBR01

£83.35 +VAT
17" x 15mm Heavy Duty Melamine Combo Floor Pad

Cat code: 4517BD

£25.00 +VAT
17" Orbot AkwaStrip Pads (Box of 10)

Cat code: HOSASP17

£102.00 +VAT
Environ HP Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

Cat code: HOSEHP4G

£37.19 +VAT
Orbot Multi-Floor Driver Plate Mk1

Cat code: 30401

£48.64 +VAT
Orbot Multi-Floor Driver Plate Mk2

Cat code: MFVDP17

£59.52 +VAT
Orbot Multi-Floor Driver Kit Mk2

Cat code: MFDKIT17

£245.00 +VAT
17" Orbot Metal Lippage Driver

Cat code: HOSOSFLD

£192.00 +VAT
11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Brush


£48.00 +VAT
11" Orbot SLiM Tile And Grout Brush


£45.00 +VAT
11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Cleaning Bonnets

Cat code: SLRSZORB

£120.00 +VAT
ORBOT SLiM Rechargeable Battery

Cat code: SRLI-ION

£250.00 +VAT

RRP : £315.00 +VAT

ORBOT SLiM Battery Charger


£80.50 +VAT

RRP : £115.00 +VAT

Orbot Pad Glider Set

Cat code: HOSGS

£28.00 +VAT
Orbot StoneFlash Foam Driver

Cat code: HOSOSFFD

£85.00 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bottle Cartridge

Cat code: HOS-2019

£15.45 +VAT