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The portable Cleaning Machines

MotorScrubbers are light weight UK made battery operated portable machines that comes with many different accessories

The Motorscrubber is the ideal machine for cleaning those difficult and hard to reach places such as swimming pools, aircraft and train bodywork, ceilings, high walls, toilet and cubicle floors.

MotorScrubber SHOCK (Complete Kit)


 (£1434.00 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber FORCE Scrubber Dryer

Cat code:MSFORCE

 (£1294.80 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Jet3 Kit

Cat code:MSJET3UK

 (£1066.80 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber M3 KIT

Options Available

 (£706.80 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Storm Wand & Backpack


 (£538.92 Inc VAT)

RRP £499.00 +VAT

Motorscrubber M-Wipes Kit

Cat code:MSS31

 (£130.39 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Stair Brush

Cat code:MS1049

 (£137.16 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Delicate Cleaning Brush

Cat code:MS1038

 (£37.18 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Aggressive Duty Brush

Cat code:MS1039P

 (£50.76 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Tile & Grout Brush

Cat code:MS1039TG

 (£77.98 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Medium Duty Brush

Cat code:MS1041

 (£49.73 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Flagged Tipped Brush

Cat code:MS1044

 (£56.77 Inc VAT)

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