Floor Cleaning Chemicals

Amtech UK isn't just a commercial floor cleaning equipment supplier, we are also a leading provider of top floor cleaning chemicals. If its stripping and re polishing a wood floor or cleaning and enhancing a marble floor, here you will find a wide range of hard floor polishes, strippers, tile degreasers and grout cleaning chemicals.

Using these chemicals as part of your floor cleaning business will guarantee your customers excellent results every time.

Pioneer Eclipse Anti-Slip Treatment

Cat code:427MPE

 (£50.50 Inc VAT)

RRP £46.75 +VAT

BarrierTech Surface Sanitiser

Cat code:55121

 (£7.20 Inc VAT)
Omniguard UHS Floor Polish

Cat code:141L5

 (£51.19 Inc VAT)

RRP £47.40 +VAT

FloorMatte Non Glare Polish

Cat code:114L5

 (£45.90 Inc VAT)

RRP £42.50 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse PrimeStar Base Coat

Cat code:409L5

 (£55.08 Inc VAT)

RRP £51.00 +VAT

Eclipse Hard Floor Sealer

Cat code:403L5

 (£52.92 Inc VAT)

RRP £49.00 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse Penetrating Floor Sealer

Cat code:426MP

 (£128.20 Inc VAT)

RRP £118.70 +VAT

Eclipse Neutral All Purpose Floor Cleaner

Cat code:301L5

 (£14.80 Inc VAT)

RRP £13.70 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse Heavy Duty Degreaser

Cat code:396L5

 (£27.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £25.00 +VAT

Rebound Floor Cleaner / Enhancer (Super Concentrate)

Cat code:211L5

 (£42.23 Inc VAT)

RRP £39.10 +VAT

Dynax Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaner

Cat code:5536

 (£23.22 Inc VAT)

RRP £21.50 +VAT

Wood Prime Floor Sealer

Cat code:701MP

 (£47.26 Inc VAT)

RRP £43.76 +VAT

WoodStar Wood Floor Polish Gloss

Cat code:702HGMP

 (£85.06 Inc VAT)

RRP £78.75 +VAT

WoodStar Wood Floor Polish Satin

Cat code:702SMP

 (£89.89 Inc VAT)

RRP £83.23 +VAT

Envirostar Green All Purpose Neutralizer

Cat code:338L5

 (£20.74 Inc VAT)

RRP £19.20 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse Formula X UHP Floor Stripper

Cat code:503L5

 (£39.53 Inc VAT)

RRP £36.60 +VAT

Eclipse Low Odour Stripper

Cat code:510MP

 (£42.12 Inc VAT)

RRP £39.00 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse LockOut Hard Floor Protector

Cat code:423FSE

 (£230.26 Inc VAT)

RRP £213.20 +VAT

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