Orbot Vibe Accessories

Amtech UK is your source for ORBOT Vibe machine and floor care accessories, including ORBOT pads, brushes and bonnets.

17" Red Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 500 Grit

Cat code:583417

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Blue Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 180 Grit

Cat code:586517

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Green Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 120 Grit

Cat code:583017

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Black Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 80 Grit

Cat code:583217

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

ORBOT UltraLift Melamine Pad 17" (Box of 1)

Cat code:K.5.120.0725.1

 (£42.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT UltraLift Melamine Pads 17" (Box of 5)

Cat code:K.5.120.0725.0

 (£192.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT Weight Set Kit

Cat code:K.1.S.120.0670.0

 (£378.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT Splash Guard

Cat code:120.0736.0

 (£186.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT 21" SuperZorb Cotton Combo Bonnets

Cat code:K.10.120.0745.0

 (£294.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT Glider Clear Plastic W/Velcro

Cat code: K.3.120.0735.0

 (£59.40 Inc VAT)
ORBOT 19" AgiClean Carpet Encapsulation Pads (Box of 5)

Cat code:K.5.120.0740.0

 (£77.70 Inc VAT)
17" x 15mm Heavy Duty Melamine Combo Floor Pad

Cat code:4517BD

 (£34.20 Inc VAT)
17" Orbot AkwaStrip Pads (Box of 10)

Cat code:K.10.120.0741.0

 (£258.00 Inc VAT)
Orbot Multi-Floor Driver Plate Mk2

Cat code:K.1.120.0570.0

 (£71.42 Inc VAT)
Orbot Multi-Floor Driver Kit Mk2

Cat code:K.1.S.120.0568.0

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