ORBOT Floor Machines

ORBOT’s unique orbital drive pattern provides the safest and most effective system of carpet and hard floor maintenance currently available on the market today. From the environmental benefits to product performance, Amtech UK bring the best in low-moisture cleaning to our customers. ORBOT can clean virtually every surface and at the same time help deliver fast and efficient service to your customers.

ORBOT Vibe Carpet & Hard Floor Machine

Cat code:ORB.VIB.1100C

 (£2694.60 Inc VAT)

RRP £2495.00 +VAT

ORBOT Vibe Carpet Bundle

Cat code:OVCB19/10

 (£3120.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £2640.00 +VAT

ORBOT Vibe Hard Floor Bundle

Cat code:OVHFB19/10

 (£3210.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £2820.00 +VAT

Orbot SprayBorg Floor Cleaning Machine

Cat code:ORB.SPR.1100C

 (£3780.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £3250.00 +VAT

Orbot SprayBorg Carpet Cleaning Bundle


 (£4008.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £3400.00 +VAT

Orbot SprayBorg Hard Floor Cleaning Bundle

Cat code:HOSOSB17-HFB

 (£4146.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £3600.00 +VAT

ORBOT LiFe Battery Floor Machine

Cat code:ORB.LIF.1100C

 (£5460.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £4750.00 +VAT

ORBOT SLiM Floor Cleaner

Cat code:ORB.SLIM.1100C

 (£2154.60 Inc VAT)

RRP £1995.00 +VAT

ORBOT SLiM Carpet Cleaners Bundle

Cat code:OSB19/10

 (£2580.00 Inc VAT)

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