17" White Lightning Floor Pad

Catalogue code:PD3LWL17

17" White Lightining Floor Polishing Pad

£5.54 +VAT
£6.65 Inc VAT

 |  RRP: £6.15 +VAT

Developed specifically to produce optimum results and performance. Special polishing agents allow this pad to burnish brilliantly while removing scuffs, scratches and smoothing the surface to a clear wet look gloss. Its fine denier construction is gentle on softer coatings and will not leave hazing or streaking in the coating. Achieve best results with 1600-2000 RPM burnishing.

White Lightning pad also doubles as a soft curing pad when used on fresh coating.

Clean regularly during use, wash and air dry before reusing.

Floor Surfaces: Vinyl Composition, Terrazzo, Marble, Stone, Sealed Wood, Sheet Vinyl.