CFR Deo Reo 30 Fresh Air Carpet Deodoriser (3.78 Litres)

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CFR Deo Reo 30 Carpet Deodoriser

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Fresh air scent.

Deodorises and Reodorises surfaces through a concentrated blend of chemical deodorants, odour neutralisers, and pleasantly fragranced re-odorants.

DEO REO 30 is concentrated blends of chemical deodorant, odour neutralizing and masking agents.

DEO REO 30 can be used for immediate and long term control of odour by masking and destroying odour sources.


  • Fabrics
  • Hard surfaces
  • Spatial areas (tanks, closets etc.)

DEO REO 30 Features and Benefits:

  • A small amount of spray after cleaning gives machine tank a pleasant fragrance
  • A very small amount goes a long way
  • Easy to use, just add to the tank or spray on area to be deodorized
  • No phosphates
  • Offer a choice of fragrances
  • Pleasant fragrance with odour masking agent for immediate effect
  • True deodorant, not just masking agent alone, reacts chemically with the odour causing substances to neutralize and/or destroy them


Appearance Light Brown Liquid
Dilution In Tank 7.8 to 15.6ml/L - Pre spray 15.6ml/L
Foam Characteristics Low Foaming
Freeze / Thaw Stability Stable
Hard Water Tolerance Excellent
pH N/A
Shelf Life 12 Month
Specific Gravity 0.99 - 1.01
Fragrance Very Light Clean Fragrance
Water Solubility 100%